Faculty Iberian and Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies


Xiomara Verenice Cervantes-Gómez, Assistant Professor (Latin American cultural studies, critical theory, performance studies, queer theory, and contemporary literature)

Luisa Elena Delgado, Professor (Modern and Contemporary Spanish Studies; culture, ideology, aesthetics; cultural construction of identities;  normative citizenship; cultural and literary theory)

Mónica García Blizzard, Associate Professor (Latin American film, especially Mexican cinema, and cultural studies)

Javier Irigoyen-García, Associate Professor (Early Modern Iberian Studies; Race and Cultural Studies; Orientalism)

Eduardo Ledesma. Associate Professor (20th and 21st century Latin American (including Brazil) literature and culture; film and new media theory; historic avant-gardes; experimental poetry and narrative; word and image interaction)

Pilar Martínez-Quiroga, Teaching Assistant Professor (20th and 21st Century Peninsular Literature and Culture)

Mariselle Meléndez, Professor (Colonial Spanish America; eighteenth-century studies; global coloniality, race, gender and cultural studies; the cultures and politics of the Enlightenment)

Alejandro Ramírez Méndez, Assistant Professor (20th and 21st century Latin American and Latinx Literature and Culture)

Joyce Tolliver, Associate Professor (19th and 20th century literature and cultures of Spain; gender and sexuality studies; narrative and discourse theory; translation studies)

Anna Torres-Cacoullos, Assistant Professor (19th-21st -century Iberian literature and culture, film and media studies, visual culture, modernist aesthetics, the historical avant-garde, the connection between literature and film, and digital humanities scholarship)


Affiliated faculty:

Eric Calderwood, Assistant Professor, Comparative and World Literatures (North African Literature and Film, Al-Andalus, Modern Spanish Literature and Film, Arabic Literature, Mediterranean Studies)

Waïl S. Hassan, Professor, Comparative and World Literatures (Modern Arabic and Arab diaspora literatures, postcolonial studies, narrative theory, translation studies, methods of comparative & world literature)

Fairchild D. Ruggles, Professor, Landscape Architecture (Islamic Art and Architecture, Islamic Spain and South Asia)

Antonio Sotomayor, Assistant Professor, University Library (Cultural and Identity Politics, Nationalism and National Identity, Sports and Leisure, Spanish Caribbean History, Colonialism)

Oscar Vazquez, Associate Professor, Art History (Spanish Art and Painting)


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