Spanish Undergraduate

Spanish Undergraduate


We offer programs and courses that will improve your Spanish, increase your knowledge of Hispanic cultures and prepare you to thoughtfully engage in a changing world where Spanish is a major language. You can make your experience in Spanish fit your unique interests through the choices we offer in study abroad, opportunities to work closely with faculty, a wide array of course topics, online courses and community service learning. We are committed to guiding students to meaningful learning outcomes through the Spanish major and the Teaching of Spanish major. And by the way, there’s no need to stick to just one language. Our department also offers courses in Basque, Catalan and PortugueseThe world doesn't work in just one language, and neither should you

Let's talk. Admitted students and their parents, please contact Prof. Ann Abbott at to make an appointment to speak about our program and ask your questions." and a caption that says "Come be an Illinois Spanish student!

Dear prospective/admitted students and parents: Send an email to Ann Abbott, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at to set up an online meeting to address your questions and show you that studying Spanish at Illinois will open you to a world of languages, cultures, perspectives, intellectual challenges and careers.

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In Spanish, te damos la bienvenida.

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