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We offer programs and courses that will improve your Spanish, increase your knowledge of Hispanic cultures and prepare you to thoughtfully engage in a changing world where Spanish is a major language. You can make your experience in Spanish fit your unique interests through the choices we offer in study abroad, opportunities to work closely with faculty, a wide array of course topics, online courses and community service learning. And by the way, there’s no need to stick to just one language. Add Portuguese, and you will have Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula almost covered. We are committed to guiding students to meaningful learning outcomes through the Spanish major and the Teaching of Spanish major.

We invite you to learn with us.

Let's talk. Admitted students and their parents, please contact Prof. Ann Abbott at to make an appointment to speak about our program and ask your questions." and a caption that says "Come be an Illinois Spanish student!

Dear prospective/admitted students and parents: Although visits to campus aren't possible right now, we would still be delighted to meet you! Just send an email to Ann Abbott, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at We can make an appointment to speak on the phone, Skype, Zoom or whatever works best for you. You can find a lot of information about our Spanish program on this page, but we are here to individually address your questions and show you that studying Spanish at Illinois will open you to a world of languages, cultures, perspectives, intellectual challenges and careers.

Online career workshop: Careers in Cross-Cultural Communication with Patty Oji
The timing couldn´t be better! The job market is in flux, but your linguistic and cultural skills will always be valuable. Listen to someone who knows how to approach your career through the lens of cross-cultural communication (skip to minute 18). 


Tu nivel

*COVID-19 has necessitated changes in the administration of the placement and proficiency exams. Please consult the website for the placement and the proficiency exam and Mr. Robb Larson ( for details and updates.

Whether you’re a true beginner, grew up with Spanish at home, a grad student, or have questions about the placement and proficiency exams, follow this online Q/A to find the right courses--and course of action--for you.

Don't skip the placement and the proficiency exam: you could earn course credit. Non-freshmen can take this online placement test. For questions, contact Robb Larson, ( 

If you earned the State Seal of Biliteracy, consult this information about course credit.

Did you take the Spanish AP exam? A score of 3 earns you SPAN 141 credit. With either a 4 or 5, you have earned credit for SPAN 141, SPAN 200 and SPAN 204--just take four more classes, and you will complete a Spanish minor. You're so close.

If you grew up in a household where Spanish was spoken and you enroll in SPAN 228, you should register for the section in Banner designated "FOR HERITAGE SPEAKERS 'Online/hours arranged' - Online section designed for Spanish/English bilingual students who grew up speaking/hearing Spanish at home and wish to develop their academic skills in Spanish."

Do online courses fit your learning preferences? Choose from these options:

  • Offered Summer, Fall & Spring: SPAN 101, SPAN 102
  • Offered Summer & Winter: SPAN 130, SPAN 142
  • Offered Summer: SPAN 141, SPAN 202, SPAN 204, SPAN 252, SPAN 307
  • Offered Summer, Fall & Spring (for Spanish heritage speakers only): SPAN 228

Spanish Tutoring Room: if you need a hand in your SPAN 122, 130, 141, 142, 200, 204, 208 or 228 class, check out the Spanish tutoring room schedule. Use this resource early and often.

Need an evaluation of your Spanish for a Fulbright application or an engineering study abroad program? Please check the instructions under "Language Assessments."

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Pinterest We pin pertinent career preparation advice on this Pinterest board. Pull out your resume to make sure your Spanish skills and intercultural communication experience stand out.

Youtube Find alumni interviews on YouTube. Listen to their advice to current students.

Tus opciones

You are at a big university with many academic programs to explore, people to meet and opportunities to grab. Make Spanish a part of your Illinois experience by majoring, double-majoring (yes, it’s doable) or minoring with us. (To declare a Spanish minor, follow these instructions and send your form to Prof. Ann Abbott at

The world doesn't work in just one language, and neither should you. Send our advisor a message (, and she will be happy to work with you.

Click on the options below to view the course requirements for each:


Major in Spanish

Minor in Spanish

Major in the Teaching of Spanish

To learn more about our courses, click here

Tus experiencias en el exterior

 studyabroadinstagramThere is nothing like living and studying abroad. You are immersed in the language. You participate in the culture, not just study it. Leaving the place you know best helps you know yourself--and others--better. And when you change your location, you change your frame of reference for so many things.

And yes, the courses on our pre-approved programs count for credit.

Take a look at where, when, and how you can take courses abroad.

Think seriously about studying abroad for a year. Any time abroad is good, but ask students who studied for a semester, a summer, or during a break and so many will tell you that their only regret is not staying longer.

Picture yourself living and studying in Spain or Latin America!


Tus oportunidades

We know you have goals for your Spanish major: are they clear for you? To reach them, give it your all in your classes--or in the words of this alumna, “Go hard or go home.” And if you really want to make the most of your college years (¡el tiempo vuela!), integrate your Spanish studies into your life outside of classes and within your personal development. Here are some ideas:

  • Honors learning agreements. Haz algo extra en tu clase de español. If you are a James Scholar, ask your instructor if you can integrate an honors project into your Spanish class (200-level and higher). The types of projects instructors allow vary, but here are some examples of recent student projects: an extra paper about a topic that fascinates you; blog posts about your community service learning class (here's one example, and here's another); suggest a project that interests you and takes your learning in the course to a new level or on a new path.
  • Research opportunities. Las lenguas y las culturas son fascinantes; explóralas en detalle. Some of our students work in a language research lab. You can apply to volunteer at the University Language Academy for Children, where our faculty teach and research how children learn a second language. And you can work with the Office of Undergraduate Research to explore other options. Finally, don't forget that you are at a university con una biblioteca extraordinaria; read about and use the library resources for Iberian and Latin American information.
  • Honors thesis. ¿Estás listo/a para emprender un proyecto serio? Spanish majors with an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher and who wish to graduate with Departmental Distinction can work on an honors thesis with a faculty advisor. The work takes place over two semesters. Some students go abroad and come back with a question they want to explore further. You might fall in love with a novel you read for a class and want to analyze it more deeply. Some students wrote a case study about a local refugee center. Work with a faculty member to shape a project into something meaningful for you. Read more details, and contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies ( to find out if this option is right for you.
  • Careers. Las lenguas y la competencia cultural son importantes en el mundo profesional. College is a time to learn, explore and ask new questions. Still, finding a job after college weighs on students' minds, too. Start early and take advantage of the resources at Illinois' Career Center, look over the opportunities on the LAS Career Development page, utilize the help that is just for you at the Humanities Professional Resource Center, and look for inspiration at the Illini Success page. Check out this tool that shows potential future earnings for Spanish and other majors. If you would like to live and work outside the US after you graduate, consider applying to be a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant; you can read the profile of a student on her way to being a Fulbright ETA and see the details of an alum who finished up her year as an ETA. Finally, if you are wondering about the value of a degree in the humanities, click through the "Study the Humanities Toolkit" and see for yourself how a degree in Spanish can be your springboard to professional and personal success.

Tu consejera

Because Spanish offers many options, putting all the pieces together can take a little work. Your advisor, Ms. Tasha Robles, will help. Contact her at


Tuesdays: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm (

Wednesdays & Thursdays: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (

No appointment needed for walk-in hours.  There may be heavy traffic during busy periods in the semester.  First come, first served.  Please email me to schedule an online appointment.

For other questions about your Spanish studies, please contact Prof. Ann Abbott, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at


Check our overview of courses in Spanish.

In Spanish, te damos la bienvenida.

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