There is nothing like living and studying abroad. You are immersed in the language. You participate in the culture, not just study it. Leaving the place you know best helps you know yourself --and others-- better. And when you change your location, you change your frame of reference for so many things. 

Think seriously about studying abroad for a year. Any time abroad is good, but ask students who studied for a semester, a summer, or during a break and so many will tell you that their only regret is not staying longer.

We offer several pre-approved programs. (You can request course articulations from other programs .)

Picture yourself living and studying in Spain or Latin America!

Collage of photos with female college student during study abroad in Peru, Guatemala and in European countries
There are compelling reasons to study abroad in both Latin America and Spain. Consider these questions. What are your learning goals? Which intellectual questions would you like to explore in your courses? Is there a geographic or political region that interests you most? Where would you immerse yourself most? Which program offers the balance you want between structure and indpendence?