Spanish is an important part of many students' Illinois experience. Whether you decide to major or minor in Spanish, use it to fulfill university requirements or make it a part of your international education, consult the table below to find answers and contact information for your questions about Spanish. 

  Course credit earned Next steps
State Seal of Biliteracy second level Spanish (SPAN 102/122) Take a placement test to determine which course is appropriate for you to take next.
AP Spanish score of 3 fourth level Spanish (SPAN 141/142) Begin the Spanish major/minor or take classes for your own interest. SPAN 200, 202, 204, 208 and 232 are good places to start.
AP Spanish score of 4 or 5 SPAN 200 and SPAN 204 You already have credit for two courses toward the Spanish major (take nine more classes) or Spanish minor (take four more classes). SPAN 202, 208, 228 and 232 are good places to start.
International Baccalaureate At link, scroll to Spanish to see scores and credits.  
Illinois' proficiency exam

Information received with results.

Contact for any questions.
Illinois' placement exam No course credit.  Contact for any questions.
You grew up in a home where Spanish was spoken. --- For SPAN 228, register for the section in Banner designated "FOR HERITAGE SPEAKERS 'Online/hours arranged'." You will need approval from the instructor or the Spanish advisor to register.
You need a language evaluation.  --- For Fulbright or engineering study abroad applications, please see the instructions under "Language Assessments."


100-level Spanish courses

Learn more about our Spanish basic language program. For questions about SPAN 101*, 102*, 122 or 130, contact Dr. Kara Yarrington at or Dr. Michelle Dutton at For questions about SPAN 141 or 142, contact Mr. Brenden Carollo (

*Those who have had two years or more of high school Spanish should enroll in SPAN 122, not SPAN 101 or SPAN 102.

To access the Fall 2023 schedule for the Spanish Tutoring Room (located in 4118 LCLB), please click here.