A Spanish minor allows you to continue developing your language skills and cultural insights, no matter your major. With six courses, you can complete a Spanish minor, and some students complete many of their requirements during study abroad. If you received a score of 4 or 5 on the Spanish AP exam, you already have credit for two courses in the minor (SPAN 200 and 204).

For questions about the Spanish major or minor, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Ann Abbott (arabbott@illinois.edu) or our advisor, Mr. Brady Hughes (bahughe2@illinois.edu).

Declare a minor in Spanish

Spanish Minor Requirements
Minimum of 18 credit hours of Spanish Courses  
SPAN 228: Spanish Composition (does not need to be the first course taken) 3 cr. hrs.
2 200-level SPAN courses* 6 cr. hrs.
2 300- and/or 400-level SPAN courses 6 cr. hrs.
1 additional SPAN elective at the 200-level or higher 3 cr. hrs.
Note: The number of 200-, 300-, and 400-level Spanish courses depends on student choice (within the given range), but must add up to 18 hours.  
Total hours 18 cr. hrs.

*With permission of the advisor, students will be able to take one SPAN course at the 200-level or higher that is taught in a language other than Spanish. Or, one 200-level SPAN course can be substituted with a language course in CATL, BASQ, PORT or LAST (Quechua), from among the following options: BASQ 401, BASQ 402; CATL 401, CATL 402, PORT 401, PORT 402; and LAST 445. This course does not count for advanced hours and does not substitute for SPAN 228.