Spanish BA

Photos of Spanish students in class and outside class
Inside and outside of the classroom, Illinois offers you many opportunities to learn in Spanish.

There are many reasons to major in Spanish:

  • You enjoy learning the language and examining its features with our department's experts in linguistics.
  • You are curious about the role of the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking people in the world, in the US, in local communities and maybe in your own family.
  • You like exploring film, literature, music and other works with our professors' expert guidance.
  • Learning about Spanish and the Spanish-speaking world allows you to examine your other major or professional goals through an additional lens.

So whatever your reason for majoring --or double majoring-- in Spanish, we welcome you, your interests and your insights.

Key highlights of the major:

  • The only required course is SPAN 228: Spanish Composition.
  • Spanish majors must complete at least 33 credit hours of SPAN coursework (at the 200-level or higher).
  • Of the 33 credit hours, students must complete at least 12 hours of advanced courses (300 or 400 level courses).
  • Students must also meet an approved supporting coursework requirement (more information in the table below).
  • In order to graduate, your GPA (including transfer work) in the major must be a 2.0 or above, and your overall GPA must be 2.0 or above.
  • If you received a score of 4 or 5 on the Spanish AP exam, you already have credit for two courses in the major (SPAN 200 and 204).
Spanish BA Major Requirements
Minimum of 33 credit hours of Spanish Courses  
SPAN 228: Spanish Composition (does not need to be the first course taken) 3 cr. hrs.
4 200-level SPAN courses* 12 cr. hrs.
4 300- and/or 400-level SPAN courses 12 cr. hrs.
2 additional SPAN electives at the 200-level or higher 6 cr. hrs.
  33 cr. hrs. of SPAN courses
Supporting Coursework  
Supporting coursework, a minor, or a second major in an area of study chosen by the student and approved by the advisor. 15-21 cr. hrs.
Total hours for the major 48-54 cr. hrs.

*With permission of the adviser, students will be able to take up to two SPAN courses that are taught in a language other than Spanish. Or up to two 200-level SPAN courses can be substituted with any of the following: BASQ 401 and BASQ 402, CATL 401 and CATL 402, PORT 401 and PORT 402, and LAST 445. These courses do not count for advanced hours and do not substitute for  SPAN 228.

Spanish BAT

Would you like to be a Spanish teacher? The Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of Spanish (BAT) is specifically designed to prepare our students to become K-12 teachers of Spanish. (Read these alumni profiles.) In fact, the Spanish BAT program has a 100% placement rate, with every student stepping into a teaching job after graduation. Then, within their classrooms they inspire the next generation of Spanish majors. 

Because the Spanish BAT combines coursework in Spanish with the requirements of the Foreign Language Teacher Education (FLTE) program, it is important that you discuss your interest with our Spanish advisor, Mr. Brady Hughes (, during your freshman and sophomore years. With him, you will create a clear timeline for completing your Spanish courses, studying abroad (if possible) and applying to the BAT/Foreign Language Teacher Education (FLTE) program. Students who are accepted into the BAT/FLTE program then work with the FLTE director, to complete the necessary FLTE coursework, field experience, student teaching and licensure requirements.

Spanish BAT Major Requirements
Code Title Hours
Core Spanish Courses  
SPAN 228 Spanish Composition 3
SPAN 477 Spanish Grammar and Communicative Language Teaching 3
27-30 additional hours of coursework in SPAN at the 200, 300, and/or 400 level, including at least two literature and culture courses and at least two linguisitics courses, chosen from among the following: SPAN 250252254303305307308309310312318320324326395, related SPAN 299 or SPAN 399 study abroad courses, or related SPAN 400-level courses with advisor approval. 27-30
Core Professional Education Courses  
FLTE 471 Introduction to Second Language Teaching 4
FLTE 475 Learning to Teach World Language 4
FLTE 478 Secondary World Language Teaching 1 4
EPS 201 Foundations of Education 3
EPSY 201 Educational Psychology 3
SPED 405 General Educator's Role in Special Education 3
EDPR 442 Educational Practice in Secondary Education 12
Total Hours 63-68

In the fall semester, students enroll for 3 hours with instruction occurring in the first 10 weeks. In the spring semester, students enroll for 1 hour with instruction occurring in the first 4 weeks.