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Las Otras Españas: Counter-hegemonic discourses in contemporary Spanish literature

SPAN 465 - FALL 2024
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This course serves as a panoramic introduction to Spanish literatures and cultures from the perspective of non-hegemonic discourses and subjects. Following Antonio Gramsci, the course will focus on literature that challenges dominant assumptions, beliefs, and established patterns of behavior. The common denominator will be breaking with the hegemonic image of Spain as Castilian, White, Catholic, Middle-Class, and Heteropatriarchal. We will examine artistic product such as literary pieces, films, and testimonial and biographical materials like documentaries or memoirs. Taking an intersectionality perspective, we will analyze how structures of discrimination, based on sex, gender, ethnicity, class, disability, sexual orientation, religion, age, nationality, interact at multiple and often simultaneous levels. Taught in Spanish.

M 2:00-4:50; 1134 Literatures, Cultures, & Linguistics Building

Section G4 (graduate) - CRN 64562

Section U3 (undergraduate) - CRN 64563

Instructor: Pilar Martínez-Quiroga