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Spanish in the United States

SPAN 308 - FALL 2024
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Did you know that the United States has over 50 million Spanish-speakers, making it the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, after Mexico? In this course, we will explore the past, present, and future of the many different Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S. The main objective is to develop critical and linguistic awareness of the relationship between language, individual, and society. We will accomplish this through an examination of historical migration patterns and settlements, dialects of Spanish in the different regions of the U.S., the linguistic characteristics of Spanish that is in constant contact with English, Spanish in education, Spanish in the political system, and Spanish in the media.

T/TH 11:00 – 12:20; CRN#60345           

Instructor: Jill Jegerski


MWF 3:00 – 3:50; CRN#64430 (Instructor TBA)

T/TH 2:00 – 3:20; CRN#69365 (Instructor TBA)