SPAN 326 - SECT D - FALL 2023
Mexican National Cinema

This course explores how cinema in Mexico, from its arrival at end of the 19th century through 21st century production, has commented on and participated in constructing national identity. We will analyze canonical, landmark films as well as lesser-known works to explore how cinema engages the country’s national imaginary while negotiating notions of class, gender, race and modernity informed by transnational and global connections. As film is an “industrial” art form, we will examine the significance of social, historical and political conditions in addition to global economic structures in shaping the types of Mexican films produced for over a century. Students will acquire a competence in Mexican film history through exposure to its various periods, the ability to speak and write about film analysis in Spanish in both technical and narrative terms, as well as a familiarity with critical approaches and studies on Mexican cinema.

SECTION D  CRN:  53152   MWF 12:00PM - 12:50PM


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