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SPAN 468 - FALL 2020
Birds flying out of open book

During the mid- and late-20 century, Latin American novels and short stories became international sensations, enjoying unprecedented commercial and critical success.

“Fantastic Fictions” will examine several of the most celebrated canonical and emergent authors in Spanish America. From Borges to Bolaño, we will analyze the worlds these authors have created through their fiction, paying particular attention to how they combine elements of the extraordinary and the mundane. We will also draw upon critical and theoretical texts in order to examine how this literature has been read as well as what we can learn from these works about literary trends and their cultural impact.

When: Tuesday/Thursday, 5-6:20
Where: 113 Davenport
Taught by Professor Dara E. Goldman;

‣ Can be taken for grad (section G4) or undergrad (section U3) credit
‣ Taught in English, but written work can be done in either Spanish or English, with instructor approval