On February 9, CLACS held a workshop and reception for recipients of summer 2023 CLACS graduate research fellowships. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese was extremely well-represented, with 5 graduate students participating and presenting on the work they did as a result of the fellowships. A copy of the full program can be found here.

Pictured (left to right) are Sara Castro Cantú, Lorena Alarcón, Gerson Morales, Sergio Mora Moreno, and Eunyoung Yang.

Their project titles are: 

Sara Castro Cantú - Using the Theory of Ecology of Pressures to Understand Language Shift in Mexican Indigenous Communities 

Lorena Alarcón - Spanish and Indigenous Language Assessment in Andean Juju, Argentina 

Gerson Morales - Performing Culture from the Shadows of the Guatemalan Civil War 

Sergio Mora Moreno - Towards the construction of a corpus of trans textualities in Colombia: an exploratory study 

Eunyoung Yang - Re-examining 17-19th Century Asian Diasporas in Mexico through maritime archives of the Pacific Ocean