Prof. Silvina Montrul's book Native Speakers, Interrupted (Cambridge UP, 2023) has been selected as the winner of this year’s Leonard Bloomfield Book Award from the Linguistics Society of America (LSA).  

This award is named after linguist Leonard Bloomfield, and is given to a book that has made an "outstanding contribution of enduring value" to our understanding of language and linguistics. The selection committee wrote “We were impressed with your approach to heritage language from an integrated perspective that draws from psycholinguistics, morphosyntactic theory, sociolinguistics, and language variation and change. The empirical materials on differential object marking are exceptionally rich, and the conclusions are strengthened in connection with and comparison to first and second language acquisition, to which the author has also been a leading contributor. The recognition of the heritage speaker’s native linguistic competence has considerable social and educational implications beyond the traditional boundaries of linguistics.”