Congratulations to  Luis Gaytán Soto, who is one of only two winners campuswide of the 2023 Graduate Student Leadership Award! Luis David Gaytán-Soto, master’s student in Spanish, has demonstrated commitment through a multitude of advising and mentoring programs with an emphasis on serving those in the Latinx community. As a participant in La Casa Cultural Latina’s A.C.E. Mentoring program, Gaytán-Soto has helped undergraduate students navigate life as a student at the University of Illinois. Additionally, Gaytán-Soto has contributed to the La Casa Cultural Latina's Scholarship and Selection Committee and through volunteering in the Richard Chavez Ambassador Program. In granting Gaytán-Soto the award, the selection committee commended his unique brand of servant leadership, applying lessons from his lived experience in “creating inclusive and affirming environments for others” in a variety of ways.

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