Florencia Giglio Henshaw Ph.D.

 Florencia Henshaw

Contact Information

4080 FLB
M/C 176
Urbana, IL 61801
Director of Advanced Spanish,

Additional Campus Affiliations


I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to the US when I was 19 and have lived here ever since.

Research Interests

  • Task-based interaction
  • Computer-Assisted Language Learning
  • Corrective feedback
  • Second language writing
  • Heritage language learners
  • Teacher training

Research Description

My primary research interests involve instructed adult second language acquisition of Spanish, both via computer-assisted instruction as well as in a formal classroom setting. The goal of my research is to empirically evaluate the extent to which different pedagogical tools may be beneficial to second language (L2) and heritage language (HL) learners. I am interested not only in the linguistic gains that may result from different pedagogical practices, but also in the learners' perceptions and attitudes.


  • Ph.D., Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education, UIUC
  • M.A., Spanish Linguistics, UIUC
  • B.A., Spanish, California State University San Marcos (Summa Cum Laude)

Distinctions / Awards


  • Provost's Faculty Retreat Grant to design and implement an instructional enhancement
  • Teaching Advancement Board Travel Grant to attend the Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language
  • Academic Professional Development Fund Travel Grant to attend the AATSP Annual Conference.
  • Graduate College Conference Travel Grant to attend the 2009 Second Language Research Forum


  • SPAN 102: Beginner Spanish II (Fall 2006, Spring 2007)
  • SPAN 122: Intensive Elementary Spanish
  • SPAN 103: Intermediate Spanish
  • SPAN 141: Introduction to Spanish Grammar
  • SPAN 142: Spanish in the Professions
  • SPAN 200: Readings in Hispanic Texts
  • SPAN 204: Advanced Grammar in Context
  • SPAN 208: Oral Spanish
  • SPAN 228: Spanish Composition
  • SPAN 228-A: Spanish Composition for heritage learners
  • SPAN 252: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
  • SPAN 305: The Structure of Spanish
  • SPAN 307: Bilingualism
  • SPAN 308: Spanish in the US
  • SPAN 471: Introduction to Second Language Teaching and Learning
  • SPAN 477: Spanish Grammar for Communicative Language Teaching
  • SPAN 478: Topics in Secondary Language Teaching
  • SPAN 571: Proseminar in Language Teaching

Selected Publications

Book Contributions

Effects of feedback timing in SLA: A computer-assisted study on the Spanish subjunctive Implicit and explicit conditions, processes, and knowledge in SLA and bilingualism Effects of feedback timing in SLA: A computer-assisted study on the Spanish subjunctive Georgetown University Press 2011, p. 85-99.
Henshaw, Florencia Online Courses for Heritage Learners: Best Practices and Lessons Learned Advances in Spanish as a Heritage Language edited by Diego Pascual. Online Courses for Heritage Learners: Best Practices and Lessons Learned Edited by Diego Pascual, John Benjamins 2015.

Journal Articles

Henshaw, Florencia How effective are affective activities? Relative benefits of two types of structured input activities as part of a computer-delivered lesson on the Spanish subjunctive Language Teaching Research 16 3 2012, p. 393-414. Abstract.


Photo of publication
Henshaw, Dr. Florencia G, and Dr. Melissa A. Bowles Gramática práctica en (inter)acción McGraw-Hill 2013.
Photo of publication
Henshaw, Florencia G Comunicación escrita Pearson 2014.