HeadM. Meléndez


Associate HeadM. Bowles                                                          


Director of Graduate StudiesJ. Irigoyen-García


Advisors to first year M.A. Students

                     Spanish Linguistics: Jegerski

                     Hispanic Literatures: Irigoyen-García

                     Portuguese: Karam


Director of Undergraduate Studies, Spanish & PortugueseAbbott


Director of Education Abroad Delgado


Undergraduate Advisor in Spanish (including Honors and Study Abroad)Robles


Director of Introductory Spanish Language Waters


Director of 4th Semester Spanish LanguageCarollo


Director of Advanced Spanish LanguageHenshaw


Director of Basic Language Instruction for Portuguese Goebel


Undergraduate Advisor in PortugueseKaram


ParliamentarianHualde (Fall), MacDonald (Spring)


Graduate Student Representative to Departmental MeetingsJone Vicente


Basque Studies MentorHualde


Catalan Studies Mentor - Tolliver


Course Supervisors (Fall 2017):


SPAN 232 – Abbott

SPAN 250 – Meléndez

SPAN 252 – Bowles

SPAN 254 – Delgado

SPAN 303 – Hualde

SPAN 305 – MacDonald

SPAN 307 – Montrul

SPAN 308 – Jegerski

SPAN 326 – Ledesma





Advisory Committee [elected]- Escobar (2016-2018), Karam (2016-2018), Delgado (2017-2019), Montrul (2017-2019), Bowles (ex officio)


Study Abroad Committee: Delgado (Chair), Abbott, Robles, Goodman, Jegerski, Eider Etxebarria


Graduate Recruitment & Admissions- Irigoyen (Chair), Escobar (Spanish Linguistics), Jegerski (Spanish Linguistics), Delgado (Spanish Literature), Ledesma (Latin American Literature), Karam (Portuguese)


Committee on Graduate Awards – Irigoyen (Chair, ex officio), Tolliver, Goodman, MacDonald


Area Review Committees on Graduate Progress (including course scheduling and strategic planning within the group):


            Spanish Linguistics: Hualde (Chair, Fall), Bowles, Escobar, Jegerski, MacDonald, Montrul (Chair, Spring)


Spanish,Latin American and Portuguese Literatures/Cultures: Delgado, Irigoyen-Garcia (Chair), Ledesma, Meléndez, Romero, Tolliver, Goodman, Karam



Committee on Undergraduate Awards (Flores, Jugenheimer, Alvaro Monserrat Llardén, Borgeson, Pasquariello): Abbott (Chair), Montrul, Tolliver (Fall)


Curriculum Committee : Abbott (ex officio), Irigoyen (ex officio), Delgado, Escobar (Chair), Martínez Quiroga, Karam, Robles (ex officio), Teresa Greppi


Policy & Development – Hualde (Fall), Jegerski (Spring), Tolliver (Fall), Goodman, Irati Hurtado


Capricious Grading Committee [elected -3] –Bowles, Chair (15-18), Jegerski (16-19), Montrul (17-20), Ane Icardo


Lectures & Arrangements Committee –Goodman (Chair), Hualde (Fall), Ledesma. Almike Vázquez


Academic Integrity Violations Appeals Committee (elected-3): Escobar (Chair), Jegerski, Ledesma


Faculty Annual Review Committees: (Evaluations must be completed by April 15 for non-tenure track

                                                           faculty and by May 15 for tenure track)

            Assistant Professors: All tenured faculty (Associate and Full professors)

            Associate Professors: Meléndez, Delgado, Montrul, Hualde

            Non-tenure track faculty: Advisory committee (other faculty may be recruited if needed)





Darlene Wolf Fellowship – Montrul (Chair), MacDonald, Bowles


P&T committee:

                          Jegerski: Montrul (Chair), Hualde, Bowles

              Ledesma: Goldman, Karam, Delgado (Chair)


Third-year review committee (Glen Goodman): Karam (Chair), Tolliver, Escobar


Search Committee for Latin American position: Ledesma (Chair), Delgado, Karam


Non-departmental Awards for Excellence – Abbott (Chair), Escobar, Tolliver (Fall), Martínez Quiroga

(This is a committee that identifies awards in LAS or campus and suggests nominations from our faculty)


Website committee: Irigoyen (Chair), MacDonald, Goodman, Abbott, Jone Vicente


Newsletter committee: Meléndez, Abbott, Goodman, Bowles


Scheduling and Timetable committee: Bowles (Chair), Abbott (ex officio), Irigoyen (ex officio), Carollo, Henshaw, Waters, Sara Fernández.


Proficiency evaluation committee (Fulbright, Study Abroad, other): Henshaw, Martínez Quiroga (Chair), González, De Angelo, Goebel, Waters, Carollo.





Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Executive Committee - Ledesma

Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism Lab, Director – Montrul

Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education (SLATE), Director– Bowles

Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Program Advisory Committee - Escobar

SLCL Executive Committee - Delgado

Spanish and Portuguese representatives Academic SenateGoldman (2016-2017), Tolliver (2016-2018)

University Language Academy for Children, Director – Montrul



      (appointed/selected extra-departmentally)

Campus Research Policy Committee - Meléndez

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Director–Escobar

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Nominations Committee–Bowles

Center for Translation Studies, Director – Tolliver

Committee of Departmental Advisors (CODA) - Robles

Faculty Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor for Research - Escobar

Foreign Language Accommodations Committee - Bowles

Foreign Language Advisory Committee (FLAC) Meeting—Robles

Foreign Language Teacher Education (FLTE) Admissions Committee - Robles

Global Migration and Diaspora Initiative - Goldman

Graduate College Executive Committee – Delgado
IlliAAC Executive Board Racial Justice Allies and Advocates Training Committee (RJAA) – Robles

Latino Family Visit Day Committee (LFVD) - Robles

LAS Awards Committee–Karam

LAS Courses and Curricula Committee - Karam

LAS Executive Committee–Delgado

LAS Foreign Language Accommodations Committee–Bowles

LAS Global Studies Advisory Committee – Delgado

LAS Honors Council–Henshaw, Abbott

LAS Online Advisory Board – Abbott

LAS Policy and Development – Bowles

Linguistics Third Year Review Committee for Xun Yan - Bowles

Program in Jewish Culture and Society Executive Committee – Goldman

Program Review Council (Provost Office) – Montrul

Search Committee Director of the Siebel Design Center - Montrul

Senate Committee on General University Policy–Tolliver

Social and Behavioral Sciences Interdisciplinary Working Group (Campus level) Montrul

University Senates Conference - Tolliver

Vice-President of Academic Affairs Faculty Advisory Committee–Tolliver


VI.  SPGO – Graduate Student Organization

President:  Arkaitz Ibarretxe Diego

Vice President: Laura Cummings

Treasurer: Dulcinea Munoz Gomez

Secretary: Ane Aguirre Crespo

Representative to Faculty Meetings: Jone Vicente Urrutia

      Social Event Coordinator: Kara Yarrington


GEO Stewards: Liz Moreno, Carmen Gallegos, Megan Gargiulo, Miren Anton Lobato



Staff Supervisor, Administrative Associate to the Director of FLB – Rebecca Riley

EO Support - Office Mgr. for Classics, Translation Studies, Medieval Studies – Lauri Quick

EO Support - Office Mgr. for Linguistics & Modern Greek – Abby Dillingham

EO Support – Office Administrator for SP, SLATE, ULAC, Study Abroad– Kathy Schilson