Administrative and Committee Assignments

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021




Head – M. Meléndez


Associate Head – M. Bowles            


Director of Graduate Studies – J. Irigoyen-García


Advisors to first year M.A. Students

                       Spanish Linguistics: Bowles

                       Hispanic Literatures: Irigoyen-García


Director of Undergraduate Studies, Spanish – Abbott


Undergraduate Advisor in Spanish (including Honors and Study Abroad) – Robles


Director of Introductory Spanish Language – Waters


Director of 4th Semester Spanish Language – Carollo


Director of Advanced Spanish Language – Henshaw


Director of Basic Language Instruction for Portuguese – Goebel


Undergraduate Advisor in Portuguese—Karam


Parliamentarian – Tolliver


Graduate Student Representative to Departmental Meetings – Lucía Sánchez


Basque Studies Mentor & Supervisor – Hualde


Catalan Studies Mentor & Supervisor – Hualde


Mi Pueblo Advisor:  Carollo


Course Supervisors (AY 2020-2021):


SPAN 232 – Abbott

SPAN 252 – Jegerski

SPAN 248 -- Ledesma (Fall)

SPAN 250 – Martínez-Quiroga

SPAN 254 – Meléndez

SPAN 303 – Bowles (Fall), Hualde (Spring)

SPAN 305 – MacDonald

SPAN 307 – Bowles (Fall), Montrul (Spring)




Advisory Committee [elected] - Ledesma (2019-2021), MacDonald (2019-2021), Goldman (2020-2022), Hualde (2020-2022), Bowles (ex officio)


Study Abroad Committee - Escobar (Chair), Abbott, Bowles (Fall), Fornoff, Irigoyen, Montrul (Spring),

Robles, Arkaitz Ibarretxe (student)


Graduate Recruitment & Admissions - Irigoyen (Chair), Cervantes (Latin American Literature), Hualde (Spanish Linguistics), Jegerski (Spanish Linguistics), Karam (Portuguese)


Committee on Graduate Awards – Irigoyen (Chair, ex officio), Callesano, Goldman, Jegerski, Karam


Area Review Committees on Graduate Progress (including course scheduling and strategic planning within the group)


  • Spanish Linguistics - Bowles (Chair-Fall), Montrul (Chair-Spring), Callesano, R. Delgado, Escobar, Hualde, Jegerski, MacDonald


  • Spanish, Latin American Literatures/Cultures - Ledesma (Chair), Cervantes, E. Delgado, Fornoff, Goldman, Irigoyen-García, Karam, Meléndez, Tolliver, Torres-Cacoullos


  • Portuguese - Karam (Chair), Goebel


Committee on Undergraduate Awards (Flores, Jugenheimer, Alvaro Monserrat Llardén, Borgeson, Pasquariello) - Abbott (Chair), R. Delgado, Escobar, Martínez-Quiroga, Tolliver


Curriculum Committee - Jegerski (Chair), Abbott (ex officio), Escobar, Goldman, Henshaw, Irigoyen (ex officio), Karam, Robles (ex officio), Tolliver, Aritz Regoyo (student)


Policy & Development – Tolliver (Chair), Fornoff, Goebel, Waters, Jone Vicente (student)


Capricious Grading Committee [elected -3] – Karam (Chair, 18-21), Cervantes (19-22), MacDonald (20-23), Kacie Gastanaga (student)


Lectures & Arrangements Committee – Fornoff (Chair), Callesano, R. Delgado, Cristina González (student)


Academic Integrity Violations Appeals Committee (elected-3) - Jegerski (Chair), Ledesma, MacDonald


Faculty Annual Review Committees (Evaluations must be completed by April 21 for non-tenure track

                                                             faculty and by May 15 for tenure track)

  • Assistant Professors: All tenured faculty (Associate and Full professors)
  • Associate Professors: E. Delgado, Escobar, Hualde, Irigoyen García, Meléndez, Montrul
  • Non-tenure track faculty: Advisory committee (other faculty may be recruited if needed)


P&T Committee for Promotion from Associate Professor to Full: E. Delgado, Escobar, Hualde, Irigoyen, Meléndez, Montrul       


Darlene Wolf Fellowship – Montrul (Chair), Escobar, Jegerski


Non-departmental Awards for Excellence – Goldman (Chair), Carollo, R. Delgado, Escobar (Fall), Martínez-Quiroga, Montrul (Spring), Tolliver


Website committee - Ledesma (Chair), Callesano, Cervantes, Caio Albernaz (student)


Proficiency evaluation committee (Fulbright, Study Abroad, other) - Martínez Quiroga (Chair), Carollo, Goebel, Henshaw, Waters




Scheduling and Timetable committee - Bowles (Chair, Fall), Carollo, Henshaw, Hualde (Chair, Spring) Waters, Carmen Gallegos (student)


Third-year review committee for Vincent Cervantes - Ledesma (Chair), Goldman, Karam




IV.  NON-DEPARTMENTAL COMMITTEES (School, College, Campus and U of I System wide)


Abbott, Ann:

  • Campus Community Action and Public Engagement working group
  • Fulbright Review Student Application Committee  
  • Campus Student Success initiative – Foundational Courses Task group


Bowles, Melissa:

  • LAS Policy and Development Committee
  • LAS Foreign Language Accommodations Committee


        Callesano, Salvatore

  • Faculty Working group on the UI-Mexico Collaboration


        Cervantes, Vincent

  • Faculty Working group on the UI-Mexico Collaboration


Delgado, Luisa Elena:

  • Search committee for LAS Dean
  • COHORT Committee
  • LAS Humanities Council Committee (representing the School)
  • Faculty Working group on the UI-Mexico Collaboration


Rodrigo, Delgado

  • Faculty Working group on the UI-Mexico Collaboration


Escobar, Anna María:

  • SLCL Executive Committee 
  • LAS - National and International Scholarships Program - Fulbright Program


       Fornoff, Carolyn:

  • LAS Global Studies Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Fulbright Fall Review Student Application Committee 
  • Faculty Working Group on Undergraduate Research (IPRH & OUR)
  •  Faculty Working group on the UI-Mexico Collaboration


Hualde, José Ignacio

  • Campus Research Board member
  • Fulbright Committee


Henshaw, Florencia:

  • Chair of the organizing committee for the Symposium on Language Pedagogy in Higher Education


Goebel, Raquel:

  • Advisor for the Luso-Brazilian Student Association
  • Leadership Coach for the Leadership Center


Goldman, Dara:

  • PJCS Executive Committee
  • Humanities Council Committee (representing PJCS)


Hualde, José Ignacio:

  • Campus Research Board         


Irigoyen-García, Javier:

  • LAS Global Studies, Faculty Advisory Committee


Jegerski, Jill:

  • Executive committee for the SLATE (Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education)
  • SLCL Curricular Facilities Committee


Karam, John:

  • Funding Initiative for Multiracial Democracy, Campus Research Board, Ad Hoc Committee Member
  • Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, Advisory Committee Member
  • Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies, Advisory Board Member


Ledesma, Eduardo:

  • NEH Summer Stipend selection Committee (Humanities Research Institute)
  • Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory Advisory Board for 2020-22
  • Public Humanities Steering Committee
  • Faculty Working group on the UI-Mexico Collaboration
  • SLCL Curricular Initiatives Committee


MacDonald, Jonathan:

  • LAS Committee on Academic Standards (CAS)
  • Fulbright Fall Review Student Application Committee


Meléndez, Mariselle:

  • Campus Committee on Promotion and Tenure (2021-2023)
  • College of LAS Strategic Advisory Team (STAR)
  • College of LAS College of LAS Task Force on Tuition Revenue Sharing Programs 
  • Humanities Council Committee (representing Dept. Spanish and Portuguese)
  • SLCL EO’s advisory group (representing Dept. Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Faculty Working group on the UI-Mexico Collaboration


Montrul, Silvina:

  • Member Executive Committee Social and Behavioral Sciences Center 
  • Program Review Evaluation Committee (Provost Office) 
  • University Scholars Selection Committee (Office of Vice-Chancellor for Research)


Robles, Tasha:

  • LAS General Education Review Committee
  • Campus Council on Academic Professionals (CAP)
  • Campus Diversity & Social Justice Education Committee


Tolliver, Joyce:

  • Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures
  • University of Illinois System Sexual Misconduct Policies Implementation Task Force
  • Humanities Council Committee (representing Program in Translation & Interpreting Studies)
  • SLCL EO’s advisory group (representing Program in Translation and Interpreting Studies)


VI. Administrative Positions

  • Delgado, Elena – Director, SLCL
  • Goldman, Dara – Director, Program in Jewish Culture and Society
  • Karam, John – Director, Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies
  • Tolliver, Joyce –– Director, Program in Translation & Interpreting Studies