PhD Alumni Placements

This list includes alumni/ae who earned their PhD since 2005.



Christopher Eager. Analytics Consultant, CNA Financial Corporation, Chicago


Ji Young Kim. Assistant Professor, UCLA

Itxaso Rodríguez. Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University

Luján Stasevicius. Lecturer, Rice University

Sarah West. Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Puget Sound


Justin Davidson. Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California-Berkeley

Wanda Ocasio Rivera. Assistant Professor, Department of World Languages and Cultures, Merrimack College

Antonio Pérez Núñez. Assistant Professor, Department of Hispanic Studies, College of Charleston

Daniela Raducanu. Postdoctoral scholar, Utah University (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Department of English and Modern Languages, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore)

Lisa Reinhalter Burner. Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish, Sewanee: The University of the South


Claudia Crespo del Río. Docente, Departamento de Humanidades, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Alexandra Morales Reyes. Assistant Professor, Universidad de Puerto Rico--Mayagüez (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Global Languages and Literatures, Bellarmine University)



Pamela Cappas-Toro. Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Dept of Modern Languages & Literatures, Stetson University

Florencia Henshaw. Director of Advanced Spanish, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Marianna Nadeu. Initial placement: Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, Dept of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese, Penn State University

Hélade Santos. Lecturer (Spanish), Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication, Rice University


Megan Kelly. Assistant Professor, Susquehanna University (Initial placement: Visiting Assistant Professor, Augustana College)

Alyssa Martoccio. Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Denver

Kristina Medina. Assistant Professor, Saint Olaf College

Sally Perret. Assistant Professor, Salisbury University (Initial placement: Ohio Wesleyan University)

Clara Valdano. Adjunct, Chabot College (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Lafayette College)

Carina Vásquez. Assistant Professor, Monmouth College

Amy Firestone. Department of Labor, Office of International Affairs, with focus on Latin America (Initial placemente: Presidential Management Fellow, Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration -OSHA)

Munia Cabal. Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University, Macomb

Lily Martinez. Assistant Professor, Universidade de Brasília



Claudia Holguín. Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, Eugene



José Miguel Lemus. Creighton University (Initial placement: University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Mónica Millán. Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University

Yolopattli Hernández-Torres. Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University -Maryland (Initial placement: Lycoming College)

María del Mar Soria López. Assistant Professor, University of Missouri - Columbia (Initial placement: Susquehanna University)

Jordi Olivar. Associate Professor, Auburn University

Brenci Patino. Associate Professor, Mary Baldwin College (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Texas Lutheran University)

Silvia Perpiñán-Hinarejos. Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario

Diana Arbaiza. Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University - Raleigh



Antje Muntendam. Assistant Professor, Florida State University (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Middlebury College)

Marcos Campillo-Fenoll. Associate Professor, West Chester University

Maria Ciriza. Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, University of North Texas - Dallas)

Antonio Reyes Rodríguez. Assistant Professor, Washington and Lee College in Virginia (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi)

Anita Saalfeld. Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Omaha



Marisol Garrido. Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University

Letania Ferreira. Assistant Professor, Augustana College

Alicia Cerezo. Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - Madison (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Southwestern University)

José Ignacio Álvarez-García. Assistant Professor, Lakeland College

Miguel Simonet. Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Patricio Carrasco. Roanoke College

Alicia Burga. Post-Doctoral Researcher, Pompeu Fabra University

María Isabel Velázquez. Associate Professor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Irune del Río Gabiola. Assistant Professor, Butler University



Iker González-Allende. Associate Professor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Vanessa Landrus. Professor of Spanish, Eastern Illinois University

Natalia Crespo. Visiting Assistant Professor, Michigan Tech University



Amanda Harris. Assistant Professor, Ohio University

Antonio Prado. Associate Professor, Knox College

Talia Bugel. Associate Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Rebecca Foote. (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Michigan State University)

Hsien-Jen Chin. Assistant Professor, Wenzao Ursuline College of Foreign Languages

Henry Morello. Lecturer, Penn State University

María-Isabel Martínez-Mira. Associate Professor, University of Mary - Washington (Initial placement: Assistant Professor)

Sara Rivas. Associate Professor, Georgetown College

Timothy Wilson. Assistant Professor, University of Alaska, Fairbanks



Erin O'Rourke. Associate Professor, University of Alabama - Birmingham (Initial placement: Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh)

Alain Lawo-Sukam. Assistant Professor, Texas A & M




Narlan Matos Teixeira, Independent poet and musician


Selma Vital. Lecturer, Washington University in Saint Louis


Saulo Gouveia. Assistant Professor, Michigan State University